Submission issue

Anyone who is a regular user of the Solution State NMR facility will have noticed that we were having some serious issues yesterday with submitting samples. Unfortunately we currently have not been able to fix the problem. Atthe moment I am working through the samples submitted last night so anything already in the queue should … Read more

Week Beginning 29/07/2019

This week Felix is booked Tuesday and Wednesday for some manual work and so will be unavailable. It is also booked the following Wednesday (the 7th of August). I did a big clear out of the left NMR tubes at the start of the month – please make sure you take back your tubes once … Read more

Week Beginning 10/06/2019

Time for a full update as there hasn’t been one on here for a while. Coming into summer, things are starting to get quieter as far as samples being run – this does mean that we will have a lot of maintenance to do and will be having to work things around holidays etc! Starting … Read more

Last workingweek of 2018! Week beginning 17/12/2018

So we are starting our last week here before Christmas – time has flown by! Lots of updates to do with NMR shutdown, first week back etc. Firstly, Alec is already offline – the problem with sample ejection has become more and more of a regular occurrence so we decided just to take it off … Read more

Week Beginning 10/12/2018

Everyone is starting to wrap up ready for Christmas break – that means a lot of people are trying to finish things off before heading away! Felix is booked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully on automation in the evenings. Next week, the NMR machines will start to be switched off on Thursday, starting with Alec … Read more

Week Begininning 26/11/2018

Everything is getting quite busy in the run up to Christmas! A few things to note: Felix is booked until tomorrow (Tuesday). Hopefully then will be on automation all week excluding nitrogen fills – booked again next weekend. There is a compressed air shut down on Thursday the 6th of November – this means no … Read more

Week Beginning 12/11/2018

This week is quite busy with manual bookings – Felix is booked until Wednesday afternoon and again Thursday to Friday. Hector is booked the start of the week also! Please use the remaining machines considerately. A reminder that there is a 3 sample limit during peak times! It is especially important this is adhered to … Read more

Week Beginning 22/10/18 – Reading Week

It’s reading week for the undergraduates so maybe NMR will be a bit quieter (no teaching samples)! That being said, Noah will be off for at least the first half of the week – Earl from Bruker is here to install a new console (hopefully this will lead to a slightly speedier machine). Over the … Read more

Week Beginning 08/10/2018

Current Status: This Week: Felix is booked Monday and Tuesday for some manual work but should be available to use overnight in between. Nitrogen fills will be Wednesday morning as Siobhan is away Thursday to next Monday – please contact Tomas with any urgent NMR enquiries. Training for the new set of CDT students will … Read more

Week Beginning 01/10/2018

This week, Felix is booked Tuesday and Wednesday for some manual work – will probably be unavailable until after the nitrogen fills on Thursday. Hector’s part arrived and so is running again – just offline today but should be back soon. Currently things are quite quiet but we have training sessions for new PhD students … Read more